Sacred Roots

Sacred Roots

empowering communities towards
human flourishin

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Community-Based Education

Resilience in a given community runs parallel with the extent to which it is empowered towards positive self-efficacy to make constructive change in individual and collective lives.   Our work therefore continues to exemplify a commitment to values* that reinforce human flourishing through learning, personal development, and active civic participation.

Community Organizing

Based in Chicago, the epicenter of community organizing, we continue to find ourselves in the optimum environment in which to cultivate the best practices necessary for providing our partner-clients with the most effective methods for moving towards community transformation.

Community Development

Our asset-based community development efforts employ proven strategies for leading people through a process where communities come together to take collective action towards generating sustainable solutions to some of the most complex problems by promoting participatory democracy, racial equity, socio-political and economic justice.  

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TheNehemiah Project

 Cultivating Neighborliness

This project is made up of partners working together towards seeing responsible, equitable community development in neighborhoods around the world.  Each respective local coalition is comprised of a diverse, inter-generational and broad cross-section of area business, academic professionals, church, civic and community stake holders.  It includes individuals who endorse, advocate and work with local, national and international entities to bring about resources that under gird the process of comprehensive transformation. 


The Great Exchange

Creating Learning Experiences

These uniquely designed counter-cultural, counter-intuitive immersion experiences are foundational to our global humanitarian efforts to provide our partner-clients with a more robust sense of awareness to the complex intersections between history, contemporary urban ecology, and justice.  Whether through life-changing cultural heritage tourism, community based education, or high impact symposiums, we provide trauma informed, safe and constructive learning environments that acclimate worldview perspectives towards human flourishing.

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The I AM Campaign

Combating Modern-Day Slavery

This campaign is a trans-local organizing effort dedicated to combating modern day slavery (often used interchangeably with Human Trafficking).  The overall goal is to create anti-slavery sentiment and disrupt the illicit networks that sustain the various forms of slavery around the world.  Building on the historic legacy of the Underground Railroad, our objective is uniquely inspired by public history.  We transform worldview perspectives through community based education, civic engagement and participation.  


Invest in equitable access to freedom and flourishing.

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