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The Issue: Much of our news feeds were found filled with horrific images and information about human beings being sold in slave auctions in Libya. Lisa Kristine, I AM Campaign, and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center collaborated to create a one day symposium on combating modern day slavery and the illicit networks that sustain it.

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2018 speakers:

Moderator: Alexis Rogers, Reporter at WLWT5

Dr. Eric Jackson, Professor of History/Director of Black World Studies, Northern Kentucky University

With almost 25 years of academic experience at the university level, Dr. Jackson teaches in the fields of American and African American History, Race Relations and Peace Studies. He has also published over 50 publications, including journals such as the Journal of African American History and the International Journal of World Peace.  Dr. Jackson also received the Second International World Civility Award from IChange Nations in 2017.

Caroline Miller, Author, Bracken County Historical Society

Caroline Miller is a renowned local historian for the Bracken County area and surrounding regions, and an invaluable resource regarding the Underground Railroad and its legacy. She is a retired English and Social Studies teacher, a former Freedom Center docent, currently serves as President of the Augusta College Echo Hall Association, and is a board member of the John P. Parker Historical Society. Miller has also authored several books including Grapevine Dispatch, as well as edited/compiled many historical document collections.

Greg Roberts, Executive Director, Ohio River National Freedom Corridor

Greg Roberts is a recognized authority on local abolitionist and Underground Railroad history, as well as the life and times of Clermont & Brown County’s most famous son, Ulysses S. Grant. Roberts helps oversee the management of the U.S. Grant Birthplace in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He has over 20 years experience in international business, and currently serves as Administrator for the Village of New Richmond, Ohio. 

Rita Thomas-Edie, Executive Director, Ohio River National Freedom Corridor

Rita Thomas-Edie is a lifelong resident of Augusta, KY, and currently serves as the Coordinator of Academic Programs and an adjunct instructor in African American History at Marysville Community and Technical College. Rita served as the founding Executive Director of the Ohio River National Freedom Corridor, and has previously served as the President of the Bracken County Historical Society. 

Moderator: Jessica Donohoe-Dioh, Adjunct Professor at Xavier and Founding Director of End Slavery Cincinnati

Dr. Laura Dean, Fulbright Alumni and Assistant Professor, Millikin University

Dr. Laura Dean graduated from the University of Kansas in 2014 with a Ph.D. in Political Science. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, as well as a Master of Arts in Political Science and International Studies, with a focus on Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies. Dr. Dean’s presentation will discuss trafficking laws in the U.S. vs trafficking laws in other countries like post-Soviet region and North Africa, drawing conclusions about why countries adopt trafficking policies and how they implement them.

Umaro Diau II, Candidate for President of Guinea Bissau

As a young man, Umaro Diau II grew up in Bissau, Ginea-Bissau, across the continent from Ghadafi’s Libya. And more recently, as a grown man and working as a reporter with CNN, Umaro painfully watched videos of his African brothers and sisters being treated like cattle, each with a price tag on his or her forehead, including some sons and daughters of his own nation. In his presentation, Umaro will highlight some of his groundbreaking reporting on the slavery in Libya.

Dancy D’Souza , Survivor

Dancy D’Souza is a survivor of labor trafficking and debt bondage in the United States of America. Originally from India, Dancy came to Cincinnati, OH in 2003, and is educated/has experience in commerce, business management and early childhood education. D’Souza’s presentation will include sharing her story on becoming a thriver after having been trafficked in the U.S.

 Terri Foltz, Director, Gracehaven

Terri received a Masters of Education from Texas A&M University and a J.D. from the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University. She has represented businesses and their interests in litigation but her passion is serving at-risk and traumatized children. She, along with her family, lived in The Republic of the Philippines heading Bethany Home for Children. Foltz’s presentation will be on domestic minor sex trafficking, and Gracehaven’s role in fighting domestic minor sex trafficking through community collaboration.

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Lisa Kristine, International Humanitarian Photographer (Keynote)

Lisa Kristine is a San Francisco based photographer specializing in indigenous peoples worldwide. Through her work, Lisa wishes to encourage a dialogue about the beauty, diversity and hardship of our inter-locking world. The more meaning born in the images, the deeper that dialogue may be. Lisa Kristine aims to enhance her viewer’s awareness and engage them in a visual journey that is also a questioning of our existence. She wants to welcome them into the exploration of our mysterious existence with a spirit of importance, astonishment and hope.

For more than thirty years, Lisa Kristine has explored the globe, looking for the peoples, cultures and places that time forgot, creating indelible and unforgettable images. She brings the distant and the ancient and the rare into clearer focus. Best known for her evocative and saturated use of color, her fine art prints are among the most sought after and collected in her field. Lisa’s work has been auctioned by Christie’s New York for the United Nations with Kofi Annan; she works with foundations , educational venues and museums.