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Go Bronzeville (Chicago, IL)

This hyper-local campaign builds on our ongoing community development work to help see development in historic Bronzeville be a leading example of equity, self-efficacy and inclusion marked by an integrated focus on people, place and the local economy. Originally designed as a target demand marketing program with the City of Chicago, Go Bronzeville continues to boast a proven track record of reaching the neighborhood to encourage it toward a vested interest in the extent to which it emerges a place where people flourish. Whether partnering with Chicago Department of Transportation to implement programs geared toward encouraging biking, walking and use of public transportation, or our continued partnership with the Consortium to Lower Obesity Among Children to measure walkability in Bronzeville, or partnering with Divvy, a City of Chicago Bike Sharing Program, to assure that it improves upon its programming, we are proud of our work.  We seek to promote comprehensive community development that fosters lifetime communities where sustainable housing, urban design, infrastructure, and social services are encouraged and empowers vulnerable populations to age in place. For more information on Go Bronzeville, click here.


Walnut Hills (Cincinnati, Ohio)

For the past seven years, Sacred Roots has been developing relationships, exchanging best practices and encouraging community organizing in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. This historic neighborhood is steeped in rich stories and potential.  As the leading group of organizers coalesces, we anticipate a Go Campaign and other community development efforts to continue unfolding in the years ahead.



Iasi (Romania)

Iasi is the second largest city in Romania, and the epicenter of the arts, culture and vibrancy of the nation. Having found itself in the cross-hairs of tyranny in its ancient history, Iasi has repeatedly proven itself to be a city that overcomes.  As they face the current struggle with modern-day slavery, a growing group of local organizers have been working with the Sacred Roots team to combat this crisis.