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The Not on Our Watch

The legacy of slavery and struggle for freedom remains a recurring theme in human history.  In fact, news feeds around the world purport what global activist have long known oh too well; modern day slavery runs rampant everywhere.  That withstanding, it is our pleasure to invite you to be a part of a new abolitionist effort - the Not on Our Watch Initiative. Inspired by the American abolitionist history of the 19th century, this initiative seeks to increase awareness of modern-day slavery, in all of its forms.  

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The North Star

Exploring Global Issues of Poverty, Racial/Ethnic Inequity, and Political Isolation.


Harlem in Reverse*

Exploring Racial Justice and Equity within the context of the Global Conversation about Gentrification

*This yearlong series of community based learning experiences offer opportunities for neighbors, businesses, civic leaders and other stakeholders to become actively engaged in the global conversation about public policy, planning, urban development and the intersections it has with race, religion, culture, class and power.